Game-Changing Technology: How Angelina Lawton Revolutionized the Sports Industry

By Naomi Peng Naomi Peng has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 13, 2022

The two 8-inch guns protruded out of the bellowing cruiser, the HMS Kent, which held the crew of the Royal Navy. The men changed out of their neat blue uniforms, switching into plain t-shirts and shorts, sweeping the floor while waving their hockey sticks in the air. This makeshift game became part of a daily ritual, played each afternoon between their preparation for the hallowing war (Photographs, “The Royal Navy During the Second World War”, Imperial War Museum Collection).

Regardless of the time period or what conflicts the world endured, sports has always prevailed as a universal unifier. 

The numbers glaring across the scoreboards, ecstatic fans in a warm embrace, the blazing horns in the background. This visual encompasses what comes to mind when we think of the term, sports.

As one of the most coveted industries in the world, sports organizations have to regularly adapt to meet the growing demands of the increasingly technology-savvy fanbase. The past five years have witnessed a spike in venture capital investments in sports tech.

Technology can capture historical moments, such as the milliseconds before and after an athlete scores the championship goal. Experiential data like scoring a goal or the pompous VIP amenities are hard to describe with just words and photos.

Meanwhile, the income of a sports league, such as the New York Yankees, is dependent on three things: sponsorships, attendance, and merchandise. Sponsorships in sports teams accounted for 70% of the $15B total spent on sponsorships in 2016. However, did you know that up until the last five years, many of the biggest brands in sports were still pitching seven-figure deals within the confines of PowerPoint?

One technology has changed the whole game – revolutionizing how deals are being done in the boardrooms.

Its name: Digideck by Sportsdigita .

Photo credit: Angelina Lawton, with permission

The founder of Sportsdigita is a powerful leader with several years of experience in both the financial industry and in professional sports leagues.

Angelina Lawton, the founder, and CEO of Sportsdigita got her vision for what is now known as Digideck during her time with the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning.

“I saw these huge corporate brands coming into meetings and all we had were linear PowerPoints to try and impress them. I knew there had to be a better way.”

Today, Sportsdigita is the solution trusted by over 400 sports teams and enterprise brands around the globe. It combines personalization features, real-time analytics, and immersive technology to create beautiful and personalized presentations for any company.

Illustrating the numbers in a creative way

Visualizing data can help tremendously in how we understand it. Interactive tools drive engagement and increase value for the creator in the long run. Propping up your hard-earned statistics in a way that can capture a buyer’s attention is crucial, especially in a market as dynamic as sports. “In the financial industry, it was hard to bring the numbers, charts, and graphs to life,” Angelina comments. However, when I got into the NHL, the environment drastically changed to one that was dynamic and from there I saw a natural progression of how technology could be utilized to enhance the experience.”

Companies can easily plug their facts and figures into Digideck which can produce interactive graphs and real-time analytics. Digideck allows sellers to communicate directly with buyers at their convenience, which leads to better engagement and greater potential for more booked meetings.

Creating immersive experiences for maximum revenue

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Research has shown that when people have better experiences with a product, they are more likely to spend more. With the dawn of the metaverse, many brands are pivoting towards using AR/VR technologies to boost their product interactions with customers.

Digideck allows companies to showcase their offerings, taking the buyer on an immersive journey through video technology and elegant interactive cursor buttons. Imagine getting a 360° view of what the President’s Suite looks like in your local sports arena, instead of just a flat photo. The experience sells itself.

Seamless distribution for efficiency 

With traditional presentations, you have to add a number of links that take you to other pages. The amount of times the user has to oscillate between the presentation and other weblinks is distracting and subtracts from the overall experience.

With Digideck, everything is integrated into the deck which removes friction and increases attention span. The deck can be distributed to every stakeholder in one link and can be viewed at the buyer’s convenience. This signals respect for people’s time— not strapping them down to a 30-minute pitch meeting for something they might have no interest in. Digideck empowers the buyer to make their own decisions by presenting the data in an appealing and easy-to-understand manner.


As technology and the world evolves, sports has to evolve with it. While much of the focus recently has been centered around the fan experience and athletic improvement, a crucial element that has been quietly revolutionalized is the end-to-end sales process. The adage goes, “People won’t remember what you’ve said, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel.” Presentation is simply an area that can’t be missed, and stellar technologies like Digideck can help companies build an elusive and irresistible brand that sells.

By Naomi Peng Naomi Peng has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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