Dating & Relationship Coach Sami Wunder Teaches High-Achieving Women to Embrace Their Feminine Energy to Attract Love

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Published on July 19, 2022

When Sami Wunder decided to give up her promising career in economics to become a love coach, her family and friends naturally questioned her decision. Six years on and thousands of happy clients later, the decision has clearly paid off.

Sami is a leading international relationship and dating expert who specializes in working with ambitious, high-achieving women, helping them attract lasting romantic love.

As the CEO of a thriving multiple 7-figure business, Sami currently serves a highly engaged, global clientele of over 100K followers across 55 countries. Her clients range from a Hollywood celebrity to TV stars and influencers, to CEOs, bankers, lawyers, doctors, renowned authors, leading entrepreneurs, and more.

To date, Sami Wunder’s company has served over 13,000 clients and recorded over 380 client engagements and hundreds of committed relationships since 2016.

Her core work philosophy is empowering ambitious women in their love lives who are looking to attract their soulmate, teaching high-value dating behaviors, feminine energy, and the importance of dating with boundaries and an empowered diva mindset.

Finding love

Sami started learning about what makes a successful relationship herself after several years of disastrous dating. She says: “Today, I am fortunate enough to be married to my soulmate Chris, who worships the ground I walk on. But it wasn’t always this way. Just a few years back, I couldn’t sustain a man in my life for more than three weeks. With my Master’s degree and impressive work credentials as an economist, on the outside, I was excelling. But when it came to my love life, it was a disaster.”

The turning point came when she was dumped by a guy she’d thought things were going well with. She decided to dive into studying romantic relationships, men, attraction, and self-esteem. What she learned changed her life. She finally figured out where she had been going wrong.

She says: “I went from being the girl who lost men in 10 days, to being the girl who had high-quality men chasing her and begging her for her time and attention. I was the girl men were talking about and noticing, in a good way. I wasn’t turned off any more by men who treated me well. They started to turn me on. Within 9 months, I had attracted, dated, and gotten engaged to my husband Christopher while rotational dating (NOT rotational sleeping with) other high-quality men.”

Rotational dating is a powerful dating method Sami teaches her clients who don’t want to leap over many boyfriends before they get a forever commitment. Essentially it means dating several men ‘on rotation’ and not being exclusive with one until you receive the commitment you are looking for. 

Building her business

In 2016, Sami decided to give up her career in international development and officially studied to become a relationship coach.

She says: “I knew in my heart that I had found my life’s gift. It was a brave decision, because nobody had heard of the term “love coach” back in my family, and everyone thought I had gone nuts, given what a brilliant student in Economics I had been!

Nevertheless, I believed in my gift and trained with top-level relationship gurus in the industry before setting up this company.”

Today her company serves professional women from all over the world, who are not yet fully in touch with their feminine power and do not yet realize just how much influence they have over men.

The company grew to multiple 6 figures within a year, thanks to the rapid results she was helping her clients create and today she makes multiple 7-figures per year. 

Her services include online courses, group coaching programs, highly exclusive 1-2-1 coaching programs, and luxury retreats. Her core programs are Leap Into Love, an advanced inner work program teaching ambitious single women spiritual and romantic skills to attract love, and Elevate, her live six-month group coaching program for women who want to attract their soulmate or create their next level love in their relationship.

Teaching Women To Embrace Their Feminine Energy

Sami says: “The high-achieving women I work with are operating in a highly masculinized world. My work rests on the fundamental premise that living and connecting with our feminine energy is the key to achieving love transformation in our lives and relationships.

“I firmly believe that this connection we women have with our feminine energy is our single biggest power in romantic relationships.

“Unfortunately, it is also a power that is largely neglected and ignored in today’s world. We are all women of an era where the messages of femininity have been mocked and equated with being a doormat, or somehow being subservient to men. This, of course, isn’t true by any means. 

“For the purpose of clarity, the definition of feminine energy is the “being” energy,  in contrast to the masculine “doing energy”.

“When you are in this “being” energy, you are in receptive mode. This is again opposite to masculine energy, which is a forward-moving, penetrative force that “gets things done.”

Sami truly believes that everyone deserves the relationship of their dreams. She says: “If I had just one tip for someone struggling in their love life right now, it would be this: ‘Nothing is wrong with you. You just don’t have the skills needed to succeed at love – and that’s okay because I didn’t either. The good news is that you can actively learn them. When you do, you will succeed. Don’t leave your love life to fate, chance or God. Take it in your hands and make it happen. Learn the skills. Start today.’”

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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