These 5 Tech Startups Have Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By Andrew Witkin Andrew Witkin has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 2, 2022

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, a holiday when we all thank our mothers for the amazing things that they have done for us in our lives. It’s not a federal holiday, but its importance cannot be overstated. In fact, it is one of the two days a year when LDS missionaries traditionally have been permitted to call home. Forgetting to call mom – or send a gift of appreciation – is just bad form, even if you are half a world away.

The good news is that even if Mother’s Day has slipped your mind until this very minute, you can still have an amazing present delivered to Mom in time for the holiday. In that spirit, let’s look at a few options that you may want to consider.

If you want something out of the ordinary that mom (and her neighbors) are going to remember for years to come, try sending a singing telegram. There are barbershop quartets for hire throughout North America that can show up and give your mother a day that she probably won’t be expecting.

If an in-person musical act isn’t in the cards, you can send a customized e-card that will definitely get noticed. This isn’t just an email: it’s a multimedia presentation tailored just for mom. There are a number of online tools that allow people to create unbelievably funny videos that will definitely give mom a smile.

Most gifts last only a few days: flowers wilt, balloons deflate, and cookies get eaten. If you want to create something that will last for a long time, order custom stickers and decals that mom can put on her fridge or share with her friends. After all, what mother isn’t going to want to show off pictures of her grandkids or her cats for weeks (or months) after Mother’s Day has passed?

If your mom is a bit more adventurous, take her out. But don’t just settle for a trip to the mall: take her geocaching. It’s a hobby that millions of people around the world have taken up, and it’s an amazing way to let mom explore her community and have fun with the entire family. Think of it as a digital treasure hunt that’s perfect for people who love puzzles and riddles.

You don’t have to go to Africa to enjoy a safari because there are literally hundreds of animal adventures right here at home. It’s an outing that is definitely out of the norm, which is why it’s so perfect for a Mother’s Day surprise. So if you want to take mom to see moose in Maine, bison in  Montana, or giraffes in the suburbs of Washington, DC, you’re in luck.

Every mom is different, and there’s no single “best gift that families can give them. What matters is that mothers know that they are appreciate, cherished, and honored on their special day.

By Andrew Witkin Andrew Witkin has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Andrew Witkin is the founder and CEO of StickerYou, a global ecommerce leader in custom-printed, die-cut products that empower consumers and businesses to create high-quality materials for personal expression, marketing, and packaging.

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