Primordia DAO Wants to Catalyze 100 DAOs Before the End of 2022

Published on July 26, 2022

On June 23rd, Primordia DAO launched its campaign to catalyze 100 DAOs before the end of 2022. The purpose of the DAOs is to create a global social impact, which will include various missions that involve securing equitable land ownership and showing marginalized, overlooked, and excluded communities what blockchain has to offer.

This goal will be done using the NEAR Protocol, a secure decentralized application (dApp) platform that is easy to use. But it has more going for it than user-friendliness, with the protocol offering affordable and inclusive operational costs. Moreover, the carbon-neutral technology and ethical community align well with Primordia DAOs mission.

But the protocol is not the only thing that looks to make the process easier. The structure of DAOs is also helpful in the social impact and social justice pursuit by adding transparency and democracy to all of the organizations involved. With DAOs, collective governance is the focus, making it ideal for the social justice as an organization movement.

Of course, the movement and Primordia DAO still have a way to go to reach their goal by the end of 2022, with only 30% of the 100 DAOs currently onboarded. Among them are DAOs that include Lowkey Giant DAO, a US DAO that focuses on NFT and crypto creativity and culture. There is also Verse Gallery, Scandinavia’s first physical NFT gallery, which looks to help people bridge the existing knowledge gap where NFTs and blockchain are concerned.

Among the other DAOs are a number of organizations looking to make a serious social impact with various approaches and specializations. And the diversity is only expected to grow as more DAOs join the mission to better the world using blockchain and the unique governance structure it offers through DAOs.

Additionally, Primordia DAO will act as the DAO of DAOs, giving the communities onboarded and involved with the mission the ability to become a significant part of the project. It does this by including the new communities in the council of the Primordia project.

As for the project chosen as part of the Primordia DAO mission, the focus is on those that deal with the social, psychological, economic, and ecological state of the world. It is through finding solutions to those challenges that Primordia DAO and The Kin DAO behind it hope to truly make a social impact on the world.


Spencer Hulse is an editor at Grit Daily News. He covers affiliate, viral, and marketing news.

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